In the modern world information flow through computer systems infinitely. Today, Information becomes the most valuable thing in the world. Along with this people tend to discuss Information security. Therefore, So many models have been created to guide the information security policies in organizations. From those models, The most important security model is the CIA triad.

CIA triad is the basic three security goals that any security professional should achieve when they make sure the security of information. Confidentiality is to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of systems and information and Integrity is to prevent the unauthorized modification of systems and information. And also Availability is to prevent the disruption of service and productivity.

When it comes to ethical hacking, We need to discuss Cyberattack especially. This is the basic cyber attack lifecycle.

There are different types of cyberattacks. It may target computer information systems, computer networks, or even personal computer devices. These are the most common types of cyberattacks.

  1. Denial-of-service(DoS)attacks

In order to be protected from these attacks and to achieve the main security goals, various security controls are applied in the world.

  1. Access controls

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